There was a historical moment in Finland last weekend, when the first MotoGP bike touched the tarmac of the circuit, where Finland will host the MotoGP races most likely from 2020 onwards.

KTM test rider Mika Kallio visited last weekend the KymiRing circuit with KTM’s RC16 MotoGP-bike. The historical moment was very special for Kallio, who has always been dreaming of racing on his home ground.

The bike looks very good over here, Kallio rejoices.

He is very pleased when looking at the 4,6 kilometer long KymiRing circuit.

I like this track a lot, because it is designed so, that there are natural grandstands and seems, that it is easy for spectators to see most of the circuit.

On the rider’s perspective the circuit looks pretty challenging. There are not that many places where you can rest, basically just the main straight. There are lots of curves compared to the length of the circuit. The average speed will however be high. It is going to be very interesting to race over here!

When Finland will host the circuit racing world championship event for the first time after almost 40 years, it is naturally important for the home crowd to cheer for their own riders. During the ongoing season 2018 Kallio will have five to six wild card races with KTM, but for the future he hopes to be able to do more. And naturally his aim is to be on the grid at his home race.

Of course it is everyone’s dream to race in your home GP. When my career started in MotoGP in 2001, I couldn´t even think that there could be a MotoGP-race in Finland. It is my absolute target that I can race in the Finnish GP. It will be an important milestone when the MotoGP circus arrives here, people have worked so hard to make this happen.

Now Kallio will have pretty hectic weeks ahead of him. This weekend he will be a guest star at the Imatra IRRC-race, to where he will also bring the MotoGP-bike. Next week he will use his third wild card at Sachsenring GP.

Sachsenring is my favourite circuit, so my expectations are high. My pace has been on a good level, so it’s realistic to expect good results. Unfortunately I hurt my ribs in the crash in Barcelona GP and it is still painful. Therefore I haven’t been able to do any sports or train as much as I would have wished. But I can only wait and hope that the healing will start soon, says Kallio, who as the only KTM rider has reached the top10 position this season.