The construction work of KymiRing motorsport centre in Finland continues as planned. Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture approved the 3,5 million euro grant for KymiRing.

The amount is based on the supplementary allowance granted by Finnish parliament in 2017. The term of the allowance was that KymiRing will get private funding for the project that has now been organized and accepted.

KymiRing has provided Ministry of Education and Culture the decisions of private financers and the plan of overall funding which enabled the Ministry to accept the grant. Ministry of Education and Culture had already earlier allowed 3 million grant for the project. Therefore, the whole allowance from Finnish government for the project is 6,5 million euros and the share of other investors is 10 million euros.

Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport Sampo Terho is pleased that the project is moving on.

KymiRing Motorsport centre is a unique project. It gives boost for the Finnish motorsport and enables that we are able to get great international events like MotoGP races to Finland, Terho says.

The president of the board of KymiRing Ltd Kari O. Sohlberg is also happy that the government understands the impact of the KymiRing for Finland.

Finland is famous of many successful motorsports people but we haven´t had proper circuit that meets the requirements of high class international events. KymiRing area is suitable for many events and races and it will have a great impact not only for the spectators but for the general interest of our disciplines, Sohlberg says.

The owners of KymiRing are AKK Sports Ltd (owned by Finnish Motorsport Federation), Finnish Motorcycling Federation SML, Real Estate company A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy and Municipality of Iitti.

Cover Photo © Jari Heikkiä